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Dazzle With Jewellery Sets From Kohinoor Jewellers

“The jewelry we wear is an autobiography. It is a story that tells many chapters of our lives.”

Throughout the ages, women have been known for their unique and luxurious sense of fashion. The elegance and luxury that goes into their clothes are popular all over the world. To this day, women’s fashion style is still distinguished and in great demand by women from all over the world. Jewellery is one of the most important elements that form the basis of the greatness of a woman.

Jewellery has made a name for itself due to the intricacy, skill, and artistry that is put into every piece of jewellery made in the country. Perfect placement of stones, correct use of beads in the right places, creativity – every step involved in creating exquisite jewellery is taken care of. The beauty of jewellery increases its versatility when it is in the form of a complete set. A large necklace accompanied by a pair of matching earrings and finished with a matching matha patti, is what comprises a complete jewellery set. The perfect jewelry set is now just a touch away from you, as you can easily buy it online. Here is a glimpse of the best collections of jewelry kohinoor jewellers has. Choose what works for you, based on your needs, style, and budget.

  1. It’s a jewellery set fit for queens! Flaunt the ambiance of royalty with this handcrafted white gold plated kundan stone jewellery set. Comprising of matching necklace and earrings, and matha patti, this set is made of gold-plated brass, stones, and beads. Pair it with your favorite white or colored lehenga, and pull the hair back with a bun and glittery makeup.
  2. Wearing a simple-looking dress to an occasion? Add some sparkle to it with this white and gold beaded jewellery set. Made of metal and faux pearls, the white and gold necklace is secured with an adjustable tie, and the earrings have a fishhook ear wire and come with additional rubber stoppers for added security. Look glamorous on the go with this beautiful set of jewelry.
  3. Say hello to a cool vintage vibe with this gold and blue ornate antique jewellery set. This double-stranded necklace is embellished with pearls and has a stylized flower centerpiece. Pair it with this gorgeous saree and flaunt your allure.
  4. Speak in the simplest way possible with this gold-tone austrian diamond jewellery set. This set consists of three different jewellery sets, each with a necklace and a pair of earrings. Wear it to a party or a casual event and slay!
  5. Add some oomph to the saree with this gold-plated stone-studded jewelry set. The exotic double-layer necklace has a diamond-studded centerpiece and is secured with a lace-up closure. Buy it online at kohinoor jewellers today!